How Well Do You Remember Gravity Falls Season 1? Trivia Quiz

How Well Do You Remember Gravity Falls Season 1

Test your Gravity Falls Season 1 knowledge with this fun trivia quiz! Challenge yourself and see how much you remember about the adventures of Dipper, Mabel, and the mysterious town of Gravity Falls. Play now to prove your fandom!

  1. 1 What is Dipper's signature headwear?

    1. Red baseball cap
    2. Blue pine tree hat
    3. Green beanie
    4. Yellow sun hat
    5. Black cowboy hat

    Dipper's signature headwear is a blue pine tree hat, as chosen from the Mystery Shack's inventory.

  2. 2 How does Dipper initially mistake Mabel's new boyfriend, Norman?

    1. As a ghost haunting the Mystery Shack
    2. As a zombie with intentions to eat Mabel
    3. As a vampire seeking to turn Mabel into one of his kind
    4. As a werewolf prowling the woods around Gravity Falls
    5. As an alien disguised as a human

    Dipper believes Mabel's new boyfriend, Norman, is a zombie due to his strange behavior.

  3. 3 What does Mabel choose as her souvenir from the Mystery Shack?

    1. A doll
    2. A grappling hook
    3. A magic wand
    4. A crystal ball
    5. A pair of sunglasses

    Despite Grunkle Stan's suggestion of a doll, Mabel chooses a grappling hook as her souvenir.

  4. 4 What lie does Dipper tell Wendy and her friends about his and Mabel's age?

    1. They're 13, technically teens.
    2. They're 16, old enough to drive.
    3. They're 10, but very mature for their age.
    4. They're 18, legally adults.
    5. They're 12, just like they actually are.

    Dipper lies to Wendy and her friends, claiming that he and Mabel are 13 years old, technically teenagers, despite actually being 12.

  5. 5 What embarrassing dance does Mabel reveal Dipper used to perform?

    1. The Moonwalk
    2. The Tango
    3. The Cha-Cha Slide
    4. The Macarena
    5. The Lamby Lamby Dance

    Mabel reveals Dipper used to perform the Lamby Lamby Dance, embarrassing him in front of Wendy.

  6. 6 What solution does Dipper seek from Old Man McGucket?

    1. A cure for his fear of heights
    2. An elixir to deepen his voice
    3. A potion to increase his strength
    4. Advice on how to impress Wendy
    5. Assistance in fixing the broken Mystery Cart

    Dipper seeks an elixir from Old Man McGucket to deepen his voice, hoping it will solve his problem.

  7. 7 What task does Bill Cipher assign to Gideon as part of their deal?

    1. Retrieve a powerful artifact
    2. Betray his family
    3. Destroy the Mystery Shack
    4. Capture Dipper and Mabel
    5. Unleash chaos upon Gravity Falls

    As part of their deal, Bill Cipher tasks Gideon with destroying the Mystery Shack.

  8. 8 What powers does Bill Cipher demonstrate within Stan's mind?

    1. Shape-shifting
    2. Mind control
    3. Telekinesis
    4. Reality manipulation
    5. All of the above

    Bill Cipher demonstrates various powers within Stan's mind, including shape-shifting, mind control, telekinesis, and reality manipulation.

  9. 9 What is Gideon's plan for the Mystery Shack?

    1. Turn it into a museum
    2. Convert it into a restaurant
    3. Transform it into an amusement park
    4. Sell it to the highest bidder
    5. Abandon it and let it decay

    Gideon plans to build a Gideon-themed amusement park called "Gideonland" on the site of the Mystery Shack.

  10. 10 What item does Stan secretly take from the Mystery Shack?

    1. A key
    2. A journal
    3. A photograph
    4. A map
    5. A piece of technology

    Stan secretly takes Journal 2 from the Mystery Shack, adding it to his collection.

  11. 11 What is the name of the mysterious book Dipper reads?

    1. Dr. Strangeglove's Handbook
    2. Dr. Whackjob's Encyclopedia
    3. Dr. Crackpot's Book of the Damned
    4. Dr. Lunatic's Compendium
    5. Dr. Nutcase's Almanac

    Dipper reads from "Dr. Crackpot's Book of the Damned," which contains information about magical creatures.

  12. 12 How does Dipper attempt to rescue Mabel from the gnomes?

    1. By using a magical amulet
    2. By summoning a protective spell
    3. By wielding a sword
    4. By driving a golf cart
    5. By calling for help from Stan

    Dipper borrows a golf cart from Stan and chases after the gnomes to rescue Mabel.

  13. 13 What is the prophecy mentioned by the Gnome King?

    1. The Prophecy of the Pine Tree
    2. The Prophecy of the Shmiseldorf
    3. The Prophecy of the Gnome Queen
    4. The Prophecy of the Timeless Forest
    5. The Prophecy of the Ancient Cliff

    The Gnome King mentions the prophecy of "Shmiseldorf" as the basis for fulfilling Mabel's destiny.

  14. 14 How does Dipper mistake Stan's appearance at the end of the season?

    1. As a shape-shifter
    2. As a gnome
    3. As a werewolf
    4. As a vampire
    5. As a zombie

    Dipper mistakes Stan, covered in red freezy pop stains, for a zombie when he attempts to say "Brain freeze!"

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