How Well Do You Remember The Good Wife Season 1? Trivia Quiz

How Well Do You Remember The Good Wife Season 1

Test your knowledge of The Good Wife Season 1 with this challenging trivia quiz. See how much you remember and challenge your friends to beat your score!

  1. 1 What role does Kalinda Sharma play in Alicia's life and her career at Stern, Lockhart & Gardner?

    1. Chief litigator
    2. Senior partner
    3. Lead investigator
    4. Court clerk
    5. Case analyst

    Kalinda Sharma serves as the lead investigator at Stern, Lockhart & Gardner, providing crucial insights and information for Alicia's cases.

  2. 2 In the episode "Fixed," what evidence does Alicia discover?

    1. Evidence of a wrongful death suit
    2. Evidence of pharmaceutical fraud
    3. Evidence of jury bribery
    4. Evidence of legal malpractice
    5. Evidence of corporate espionage

    Alicia discovers evidence suggesting that a juror may have been bribed in a class-action lawsuit.

  3. 3 In "Unprepared," what is Alicia's client accused of?

    1. Jury tampering
    2. Arson
    3. Bribery
    4. Assault
    5. Hate crimes

    Alicia defends a scientist accused of arson after her lab is torched.

  4. 4 What is the central theme of the episode "Threesome"?

    1. DUI and assault charges
    2. Office politics
    3. Tell-all book promotion
    4. Investigating a judge's motives
    5. Family conflicts

    Alicia deals with murky office politics while representing the firm's senior partner.

  5. 5 What legal case is central to the episode "Infamy"?

    1. DUI and assault charges
    2. Wrongful death suit
    3. Divorce case
    4. Murder accusation against a TV commentator
    5. Medical malpractice

    The firm represents a grieving husband in a wrongful death suit against a TV commentator accused of causing a mother's suicide.

  6. 6 What complicates the murder case in "Bad"?

    1. The discovery of additional evidence on the daughter's property
    2. Colin Sweeney's alibi
    3. Alicia's conflict of interest
    4. The involvement of a rival attorney
    5. Political pressure on the case

    The discovery of part of the victim's body on the daughter's property complicates the case.

  7. 7 What discovery helps unravel the murder mystery in "Hi"?

    1. Evidence from a security camera
    2. A missing laptop accessory
    3. Eyewitness testimony
    4. DNA evidence
    5. A confession from the suspect

    The discovery of a missing rubber nub from a laptop helps unravel the murder mystery.

  8. 8 What role does Kalinda play in "Bang"?

    1. FBI informant
    2. Defense attorney
    3. Ballistics expert
    4. Polygraph examiner
    5. Negotiator

    Kalinda is asked by an FBI agent to feed her information about Peter, but Kalinda declines.

  9. 9 What personal conflict arises in "Unplugged"?

    1. Alicia's political ambitions
    2. Diane's romantic entanglements
    3. Eli Gold's career prospects
    4. Peter's legal troubles
    5. Kalinda's loyalty

    Kalinda's loyalty is tested when she must choose between her allegiance to Alicia and her obligations to the FBI.

  10. 10 What tactic does Will use to gain leverage in "Heart"?

    1. Blackmail
    2. Public shaming
    3. Legal maneuvering
    4. Threats
    5. Bribery

    Will uses legal maneuvering to gain leverage on unethical practices by the insurance provider.

How Well Do You Remember The Good Wife Season 1? Trivia Quiz

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