How Well Do You Remember Yellowjackets Season 1? Trivia Quiz

How Well Do You Remember Yellowjackets Season 1

Think you’re a Yellowjackets Season 1 expert? Take the ultimate trivia quiz to see how much you remember! Challenge yourself and your friends with questions about the gripping first season of Yellowjackets. Can you recall all the twists and turns? Find out now!

  1. 1 What significant event led to the girls' plane crash?

    1. Engine failure
    2. Weather complications
    3. Pilot error
    4. Mechanical malfunction
    5. Bird strike

    The story indicates that the girls' plane had to deviate from its flight plan due to unexpected weather conditions, which ultimately led to the crash.

  2. 2 What does Natalie retrieve from a storage unit?

    1. Drugs
    2. Money
    3. Weapons
    4. Personal belongings
    5. Food supplies

    Natalie is shown retrieving a rifle from a storage unit, suggesting that she is preparing for something significant, possibly related to the past events or her current situation.

  3. 3 What does Misty discover in the woods that could hold crucial information about the plane crash?

    1. A hidden cave with supplies.
    2. A survivor from another plane crash.
    3. A mysterious symbol etched into a tree.
    4. A locked metal box labeled "flight recorder."
    5. A group of hostile animals guarding a clearing.

    Misty finds a locked metal box labeled "flight recorder" in the woods, indicating it could contain crucial information about the plane crash and its causes.

  4. 4 What incriminating information does Jessica Roberts reveal to Taissa about Phil Bathurst during their phone call?

    1. Phil Bathurst's involvement in a corruption scandal
    2. Phil Bathurst's daughter's criminal record
    3. Phil Bathurst's history of substance abuse
    4. Phil Bathurst's connection to a terrorist organization
    5. Phil Bathurst's involvement in a secret society

    Jessica Roberts informs Taissa about Phil Bathurst's daughter's criminal record, suggesting that this information could be used against him politically.

  5. 5 What do the girls write on the wreckage of the plane before leaving for the lake?

    1. "SOS, gone to find help"
    2. "We're here, please rescue us"
    3. "Heading to higher ground for rescue"
    4. "SOS, gone to lake"
    5. "Leaving for better shelter"

    Before leaving for the lake, the girls write "SOS GONE TO LAKE" on the outside of the plane's wreckage as a message to potential rescuers.

  6. 6 What does Natalie find in her elderly mother's room?

    1. A photo album
    2. A mixtape from Kevyn
    3. A gun
    4. A postcard
    5. A journal

    Among the old posters and belongings in her mother's room, Natalie finds a tape labeled "Kevyn's Mix for Nat," indicating it's from Kevyn.

  7. 7 What does Sammy reveal to Taissa and Simone about the paint can found in his room?

    1. He admits to painting the graffiti
    2. He blames it on someone else
    3. He denies painting it
    4. He claims the lady in the tree did it
    5. He confesses to being coerced into painting it

    Sammy denies painting the graffiti, attributing it to the "bad one," the lady in the tree, which adds a mysterious element to the situation.

  8. 8 What disturbing scene does Shauna witness in a nightmare while in the past?

    1. A deer with blood-covered antlers
    2. A swarm of yellowjackets attacking the cabin
    3. Jackie giving birth to a chicken
    4. Travis being chased by a mysterious figure
    5. The cabin engulfed in flames

    Shauna experiences a nightmare where Jackie appears to give birth to a cooked chicken instead of a baby, adding to the surreal and unsettling atmosphere of the story.

  9. 9 What strange phenomenon do the expedition group encounter in the woods?

    1. A pack of wolves
    2. A red river with peculiar tinted water
    3. Glowing mushrooms
    4. An abandoned cabin
    5. Unexplained voices in the distance

    The expedition group encounters a strange red river with peculiar tinted water, raising concerns about its safety and prompting discussion about its significance and potential dangers.

  10. 10 How does Laura Lee's attempt to save everyone ultimately end?

    1. She successfully flies the plane and rescues the group
    2. The plane crashes, but everyone survives
    3. The plane explodes mid-flight
    4. She decides not to fly the plane
    5. She is prevented from flying by Coach Scott

    Despite Laura Lee's efforts, the plane explodes, leading to a tragic outcome for her and the group's hopes of rescue.

  11. 11 What event are the girls preparing for in the woods?

    1. A birthday party
    2. A homecoming dance
    3. A reunion
    4. A concert
    5. A talent show

    The girls are preparing for a homecoming dance they refer to as "Doomcoming" in the woods.

  12. 12 What was the cause of Jackie's death?

    1. A bear attack
    2. Freezing to death in the snow
    3. Drowning in a river
    4. Poisoning
    5. Suffocation

    Jackie froze to death in the snow after Shauna inadvertently locked her out of the cabin in the middle of the night.

  13. 13 What did Lottie do in the woods towards the end of the story?

    1. Killed a bear
    2. Started a fire
    3. Made an offering to the spirits
    4. Found a hidden shrine
    5. Ran away from the others

    Lottie made an offering to the spirits in the woods, placing what appeared to be a heart on a throne in the snow. This was part of a ritual she performed alongside Vanessa and Misty.

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  1. Question 8 is worded incorrectly. Shauna had a nightmare about giving birth to a chicken herself because she was pregnant. The dream was not about Jackie.

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