How Well Do You Remember The West Wing Season 1? Trivia Quiz

How Well Do You Remember The West Wing Season 1

Take on the ultimate challenge and see if you can recall the details from The West Wing Season 1 in this engaging trivia quiz. Put your memory to the test and relive the iconic moments from this beloved series.

  1. 1 what threatens to cancel the star-studded fundraiser in Los Angeles?

    1. A hurricane warning
    2. A terrorist threat
    3. A scandal involving President Bartlet
    4. A congressional bill banning gays in the military
    5. A power outage in the city

    The wealthy film honcho threatens to cancel the fundraiser unless President Bartlet announces his opposition to a congressional bill banning gays in the military.

  2. 2 What warning does the President receive during a meeting?

    1. Economic recession
    2. National security threat
    3. Environmental disaster
    4. Amendment banning flag-burning
    5. Foreign policy crisis

    The President is warned about not supporting an amendment banning flag-burning during a meeting.

  3. 3 Who scolds Sam over his private crusade to "rescue" a call girl from her profession?

    1. President Bartlet
    2. Leo
    3. C.J.
    4. Josh
    5. Toby

    Press Secretary C.J. scolds Sam over his potentially explosive private crusade to "rescue" a call girl from her profession.

  4. 4 What promise does Josh make as the White House spokesman at a press conference?

    1. The President's secret plan to fight inflation
    2. The upcoming tax cuts for middle-class families
    3. The development of a new healthcare system
    4. The administration's plan to tackle unemployment
    5. The President's intention to run for re-election

    Josh makes a feeble attempt to fill in as the White House spokesman at a press conference where he promises that the President has "a secret plan to fight inflation."

  5. 5 What causes an unforeseen crisis for Leo at home?

    1. His wife's illness
    2. His children's behavior
    3. A break-in at his house
    4. A fire at his home
    5. His long hours on the job

    Leo's long hours on the job cause an unforeseen crisis at home.

  6. 6 What is the reason officially given for President Bartlet's condition?

    1. A heart attack
    2. The flu
    3. A stroke
    4. Food poisoning
    5. A concussion

    The President's condition is officially blamed on the flu, although the First Lady knows better.

  7. 7 What does President Bartlet eagerly do as Christmas Eve approaches?

    1. Host a holiday party at the White House
    2. Attend a diplomatic summit
    3. Sneak out for some last-minute Christmas shopping
    4. Deliver gifts to homeless shelters
    5. Attend a charity event

    President Bartlet eagerly sneaks out of the White House for some last-minute Christmas shopping.

  8. 8 Who is revealed to be in possession of the scathing memo?

    1. A White House staffer
    2. A senator
    3. A journalist
    4. The President's political rival
    5. A foreign diplomat

    C.J. discovers that the scathing memo is in the possession of a reporter and tries to dissuade him from publishing it.

  9. 9 Why does President Bartlet recall the ambassador to Bulgaria?

    1. For misconduct involving campaign finance
    2. For engaging in espionage
    3. For romancing the daughter of the country's prime minister
    4. For failing to represent American interests adequately
    5. For being involved in a scandal with a foreign diplomat

    President Bartlet recalls the married ambassador to Bulgaria who is discovered to be romancing the daughter of the country's prime minister.

  10. 10 Who is Al Kiefer, and why is his arrival significant?

    1. He is a senator, and his arrival signals a major policy shift
    2. He is a top-notch pollster, and his arrival signifies potential opposition to Bartlet's decisions
    3. He is a journalist, and his arrival signifies increased media attention
    4. He is a foreign diplomat, and his arrival signals diplomatic tensions
    5. He is a Supreme Court justice, and his arrival signifies a judicial review

    Al Kiefer is a top-notch pollster, and his arrival signifies potential opposition to Bartlet's decisions, as early reactions to his announcement are not encouraging.

  11. 11 With whom does the President forge a kinship in the episode? "Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc"

    1. A young journalist
    2. A foreign diplomat
    3. A military officer
    4. A member of Congress
    5. A White House staffer

    The President forges a kinship with a young Navy captain who's substituting for his regular White House physician.

  12. 12 Why is Josh troubled in the episode? "The Crackpots and These Women"

    1. He receives a promotion
    2. He receives a special card for nuclear attack safety
    3. He receives a pay raise
    4. He receives a warning about an imminent terrorist attack
    5. He receives an invitation to a special event

    Josh is troubled when he receives a special card informing him of where to safely go in the event of a nuclear attack, a privilege denied to most of his White House co-workers.

  13. 13 What problem does President Bartlet focus on during the episode? "The State Dinner"

    1. A terrorist attack
    2. An FBI hostage standoff with militant survivalists
    3. A diplomatic crisis with a foreign nation
    4. A cybersecurity breach
    5. A natural disaster

    President Bartlet keeps his eye on an FBI hostage standoff with dozens of militant survivalists as one of the potentially explosive problems.

  14. 14 What issue causes a feud between the President's and First Lady's staffs?

    1. Healthcare reform
    2. Foreign child-labor abuse
    3. Environmental protection
    4. Tax reform
    5. National security

    The feud arises when the First Lady's public statements about foreign child-labor abuse inspire a Congresswoman to attach an amendment that will likely torpedo a long-delayed international tariff bill favored by the President.

How Well Do You Remember The West Wing Season 1? Trivia Quiz

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