How Well Do You Remember Grimm Season 1? Trivia Quiz

How Well Do You Remember Grimm Season 1

Put your memory to the test with our exciting Grimm Season 1 trivia quiz. Challenge yourself and see how much you remember from the thrilling first season of Grimm. Can you recall all the twists and turns? Play now and find out!

  1. 1 What does Sylvie discover while jogging through the woods?

    1. A treasure chest
    2. A mysterious creature
    3. A hidden cave
    4. A porcelain figurine
    5. A secret message

    While jogging, Sylvie notices a little porcelain figurine sitting on a log in the woods.

  2. 2 What substance was injected into Nick Burkhardt, causing him to visit the hospital?

    1. PhTx3 neurotoxin
    2. Wolfsbane serum
    3. Vampire venom
    4. Hexenbiest potion
    5. Reaper serum

    Nick was injected with the neurotoxin PhTx3, which the doctor identifies upon examining him at the hospital.

  3. 3 What caused Serena Dunbrook's death on the streetcar?

    1. Stabbing
    2. Gunshot wound
    3. Anaphylactic shock
    4. Heart attack
    5. Poison ingestion

    Serena Dunbrook died of anaphylactic shock, as determined by the medical examiner after examining her bloated corpse.

  4. 4 What is the natural enemy of the Mellifers, according to Nick's research?

    1. Blutbads
    2. Hexenbiests
    3. Grimms
    4. Fuchsbau
    5. Reapers

    Hexenbiests are revealed to be the natural enemy of Mellifers, as they possess a birthmark under their tongues that distinguishes them.

  5. 5 What is Monroe's insight regarding Ziegevolk?

    1. They are skilled hunters
    2. They possess superhuman strength
    3. They emit powerful pheromones
    4. They have enhanced senses
    5. They are resistant to toxins

    Monroe informs Nick that Ziegevolk secrete a special pheromone in their sweat that makes women fall in love with them, providing crucial information for the case.

  6. 6 What revelation does Nick make about Lt. Orson during their confrontation?

    1. Lt. Orson is a Blutbad
    2. Lt. Orson is a Grimm
    3. Lt. Orson is a Wesen
    4. Lt. Orson is a Hexenbiest
    5. Lt. Orson is a Bauerschwein

    Nick reveals that Lt. Orson is a Bauerschwein, a type of Wesen, during their confrontation at Orson's home.

  7. 7 What item leads Hank to confront Addison at the police station?

    1. Holly's picture
    2. Delmar's camping gear
    3. Holly's hair bow
    4. Addison's confession
    5. Holly's medical records

    Hank confronts Addison at the police station after discovering Delmar's camping gear in Holly's tree-house, implicating Addison in Holly's disappearance.

  8. 8 What creature does Marty transform into during the interview with Nick and Hank?

    1. Blutbad
    2. Mauzhertz
    3. Lausenschlange
    4. Eisbiber
    5. Siegbarste

    Marty transforms into a mouse-like creature known as a Mauzhertz during the interview, revealing his Wesen nature.

  9. 9 What does the priest agree to do for Captain Sean Renard regarding Leo Taymor?

    1. Perform a wedding ceremony
    2. Provide legal counsel
    3. Deliver a message
    4. Perform an exorcism
    5. Administer last rites

    The priest agrees to administer last rites to Leo Taymor at Captain Renard's request, indicating Taymor's imminent demise as a consequence of his actions.

  10. 10 What does Waltz threaten to do if Captain Renard does not assist him?

    1. Leave the country
    2. Arrest Nick
    3. Wage war against the Resistance
    4. Reveal Nick's secret
    5. Form an alliance with the Resistance

    Waltz threatens to wage war against the Resistance if Captain Renard does not assist him.

  11. 11 What are Michael Patterson, David Gimlin, and Vera Saldona searching for in the woods?

    1. The Loch Ness Monster
    2. Bigfoot
    3. The Chupacabra
    4. The Jersey Devil
    5. The Mothman

    Michael Patterson, David Gimlin, and Vera Saldona are self-proclaimed cryptozoologists searching for Bigfoot in the woods.

  12. 12 What is the significance of the Viking sigil tattoo mentioned in the Interpol file on Kimura?

    1. It is rumored to give the wearer invincibility
    2. It marks members of a secret society
    3. It represents allegiance to a criminal organization
    4. It indicates a history of violence and aggression
    5. It symbolizes connection to a specific crime syndicate

    The Viking sigil tattoo mentioned in the Interpol file on Kimura is rumored to give the wearer invincibility, adding to his mystique and danger.

How Well Do You Remember Grimm Season 1? Trivia Quiz

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