Succession Season 1 Trivia Quiz

Succession Season 1 Trivia Quiz

Think you know everything about Succession Season 1? Take this trivia quiz to challenge your knowledge of the hit TV series. Put your memory to the test with questions about the Roy family and their empire. Play now and see if you’re a true Succession fan!

  1. 1 What is Logan Roy's reaction when he wakes up disoriented during the night?

    1. He calls for medical help immediately.
    2. He returns to bed without acknowledging the incident.
    3. He urinates in the corner of the room.
    4. He wakes Marcia up to take him back to bed.
    5. He goes to the bathroom to relieve himself.

    Logan Roy, disoriented during the night, mistakenly urinates in the corner of the room before being guided back to bed by his wife, Marcia.

  2. 2 Why does Greg Hirsch lose his job as a mascot at one of the company's amusement parks?

    1. He gets into a physical altercation with a coworker.
    2. He is caught stealing from the company.
    3. He refuses to follow company policies.
    4. He is found smoking marijuana on the job and vomiting inside the suit.
    5. He consistently arrives late to work.

    Greg Hirsch loses his job as a mascot after he is caught smoking marijuana on the job and subsequently vomiting inside the suit.

  3. 3 What does Connor become fixated on while at the hospital?

    1. Writing Logan's will.
    2. Preserving their father's body via cryonics.
    3. Organizing a memorial service.
    4. Contacting family friends.
    5. Arranging funeral arrangements.

    While at the hospital, Connor becomes fixated on the idea of preserving their father's body via cryonics, showcasing his eccentric and unconventional approach to dealing with Logan's condition.

  4. 4 How does Logan react when Kendall informs him about the stock situation?

    1. He praises Kendall for his efforts.
    2. He expresses concern and offers guidance.
    3. He insults Kendall, calling him an idiot.
    4. He dismisses the issue and focuses on other matters.
    5. He remains indifferent to the situation.

    Logan reacts negatively when Kendall informs him about the stock situation, insulting his son by calling him an idiot, indicating his disappointment or frustration with Kendall's handling of the crisis.

  5. 5 What incident does Roman witness involving Logan and coffee?

    1. Logan spills coffee on himself.
    2. Logan pours coffee too much into his cup.
    3. Logan accidentally breaks a coffee cup.
    4. Logan spills coffee on Roman.
    5. Logan drinks coffee in excess.

    Roman witnesses an incident where Logan absentmindedly overfills his coffee cup, storing it as potential ammunition to use against his father in the future.

  6. 6 What does Shiv consider during her dinner with her ex-boyfriend, Nate?

    1. Joining her father's business.
    2. Running for political office.
    3. Working for Senator Gil Eavis.
    4. Starting her own company.
    5. Moving to a different city.

    During her dinner with Nate, Shiv considers his proposal to work for Senator Gil Eavis, indicating her potential interest in joining a political campaign opposing her father's interests.

  7. 7 Who abstains from voting during the vote of no confidence?

    1. Kendall and Roman.
    2. Lawrence and Stewy.
    3. Ilona Shinoy and Frank.
    4. Shiv and Tom.
    5. Nate and Marcia.

    Lawrence and Stewy abstain from voting during the vote of no confidence, considering it a family dispute and choosing not to take sides.

  8. 8 How does Kendall spend his time after arriving in New Mexico?

    1. Attending the therapy session.
    2. Meeting with locals at a pub.
    3. Going for a swim with his siblings.
    4. Having a heart-to-heart conversation with his father.
    5. Organizing legal action against his family.

    After arriving in New Mexico, Kendall spends his time meeting with locals at a pub and joining them for a cocaine and methamphetamine binge, highlighting his descent into substance abuse amidst his family's turmoil.

  9. 9 What plan do Shiv and Gerri discuss regarding Tom during the wedding festivities?

    1. Ignoring the scandal involving Tom.
    2. Sending Tom on a vacation to avoid the scandal.
    3. Firing Tom from Waystar.
    4. Moving Tom away from his current position at Waystar.
    5. Promoting Tom to a higher position at Waystar.

    Shiv and Gerri discuss a plan to either promote Tom to a higher position or move him away from his current position at Waystar to mitigate the scandal surrounding him, indicating their efforts to protect him from negative consequences.

  10. 10 What realization do Shiv, Kendall, and Roman come to at the end of the night?

    1. They forgot to invite Connor to the wedding.
    2. They need to finalize the takeover plan immediately.
    3. They should confront Logan about his behavior.
    4. They should avoid causing a scene at the wedding.
    5. They should reconcile with their father before the wedding.

    At the end of the night, Shiv, Kendall, and Roman realize that they forgot to invite their brother Connor to join them at the docks for old times' sake, highlighting their oversight and perhaps their strained relationship with Connor amidst the wedding preparations.

  11. 11 What does Shiv confess to Tom during their private moment in their suite?

    1. She suggests a non-monogamous marriage.
    2. She reveals she wants to postpone the wedding.
    3. She confesses her love for someone else.
    4. She expresses doubts about their marriage.
    5. She admits to having an affair with Nate.

    Shiv confesses to Tom during their private moment in their suite that she has been having an affair with Nate, revealing this significant detail about her personal life to her husband.

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