Ultimate Scrubs Trivia Quiz

Ultimate Scrubs Trivia Quiz

Are you a fan of the hit TV show Scrubs? Test your knowledge with the Ultimate Scrubs Trivia Quiz! Challenge yourself with questions about the characters, plotlines, and memorable moments from this beloved medical comedy. Play now to see if you’re the ultimate Scrubs superfan!

  1. 1 Who are the main interns followed in Season One of "Scrubs"?

    1. John "J.D." Dorian, Elliot Reid, and Christopher Turk
    2. Dr. Cox, Dr. Kelso, and Carla Espinosa
    3. Jordan Sullivan, Judy Reyes, and Ken Jenkins
    4. Dr. Cox, Dr. Kelso, and John C. McGinley
    5. Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison, and Zach Braff

    Season One primarily revolves around the experiences of interns John "J.D." Dorian, Elliot Reid, and Christopher Turk as they navigate their first year at Sacred Heart Hospital.

  2. 2 What moral dilemma does J.D. face in Season Two?

    1. Joining a private practice realm of medicine
    2. Dr. Cox's affair with a new woman at Sacred Heart
    3. Turk's proposal to Carla
    4. Dr. Cox punching Dr. Kelso in the face
    5. Elliot's financial struggles after being cut off by her parents

    J.D. faces a moral dilemma when he considers joining a private practice realm of medicine, which would potentially take him away from Sacred Heart Hospital and his colleagues.

  3. 3 What significant event occurs at the end of Season Two?

    1. J.D. ends his relationship with a comatose patient's wife
    2. Turk calls off his wedding to Carla
    3. Dr. Cox punches Dr. Kelso in the face
    4. The doctors at the hospital begin questioning their job satisfaction
    5. Turk proposes to Carla

    The season concludes with Dr. Cox realizing his dissatisfaction with his job due to Dr. Kelso's attitude, leading him to punch Dr. Kelso in the face, marking a significant event in their dynamic at Sacred Heart Hospital.

  4. 4 What leads to Dr. Cox becoming severely upset in Season Three?

    1. Turk and Carla's wedding
    2. Elliot's struggles with diagnosing a patient
    3. J.D.'s breakup with Danni
    4. Dr. Cox's temporary deafness
    5. Ben Sullivan's return to the hospital

    Dr. Cox becomes severely upset when Ben Sullivan returns to the hospital, bringing bad news that deeply affects Dr. Cox on a personal level.

  5. 5 What significant decision does Dr. Cox make in Season Four?

    1. He decides to leave Sacred Heart
    2. He gets a vasectomy
    3. He starts dating Neena Broderick
    4. He becomes Chief Resident
    5. He starts attending couples therapy

    Dr. Cox makes the significant decision to get a vasectomy in Season Four, but he later regrets his choice and struggles with his decision.

  6. 6 What is J.D.'s goal in Season Five?

    1. To become Chief Resident
    2. To run a marathon
    3. To adopt a child
    4. To buy a new car
    5. To start a new relationship

    In Season Five, J.D. sets a personal goal to run a marathon as a way to accomplish something significant in his life.

  7. 7 What event prompts reflection and introspection among the staff of Sacred Heart in Season Six?

    1. A wedding
    2. A funeral
    3. A retirement party
    4. A medical convention
    5. A team-building retreat

    The death of a colleague, Laverne, prompts reflection and introspection among the staff of Sacred Heart in Season Six, as they grapple with loss and mortality.

  8. 8 Why does Dr. Kelso retire from his position as Chief of Medicine?

    1. He is found to be too old for the job
    2. He receives a better job offer elsewhere
    3. He is promoted to a higher position
    4. He decides to pursue a different career path
    5. He is fired due to misconduct

    Dr. Kelso retires from his position as Chief of Medicine after being found to be too old for the role, signaling a transition in leadership at Sacred Heart.

  9. 9 Where does Janitor invite everyone for his wedding?

    1. Hawaii
    2. Bahamas
    3. Jamaica
    4. Mexico
    5. Barbados


  10. 10 Who does Lucy look to as a mentor when J.D. is no longer available?

    1. Dr. Cox
    2. Turk
    3. Denise
    4. Dr. Kelso
    5. Elliot

    Lucy turns to Denise for mentorship after J.D. finishes teaching.

  11. 11 What event makes Lucy question her desire to become a doctor?

    1. The White Coat Ceremony
    2. Passing Dr. Cox's exam
    3. Cheating on a difficult exam
    4. Witnessing a surgery
    5. Lucy's relationship with Cole

    Lucy ponders her motivations during the White Coat Ceremony.

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