How Well Do You Remember Charmed Season 1? Trivia Quiz

How Well Do You Remember Charmed Season 1

Think you’re a Charmed expert? Take our trivia quiz to see how well you remember the first season of this magical TV series. Challenge yourself and relive the magic with our fun and engaging Charmed Season 1 quiz!

  1. 1 In the unaired pilot episode of "Charmed," what is the main revelation that the Halliwell sisters discover?

    1. They are aliens
    2. They are vampires
    3. They are gifted witches
    4. They are werewolves
    5. They are time travelers

    The trio of sisters, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell, discover that they are gifted witches upon reuniting in their childhood home.

  2. 2 What lesson do the sisters learn in the episode "I've Got You Under My Skin"?

    1. All photographers are dangerous
    2. Trust no one, not even family
    3. Deadly demons can come in any guise
    4. Always trust your intuition
    5. Never peek into the future

    Phoebe and her sisters learn that deadly demons can take on various forms, including that of a seemingly harmless photographer.

  3. 3 What obstacle do the Halliwell sisters encounter in "The Wedding from Hell"?

    1. A demonic bride seeking revenge
    2. A cursed wedding ring
    3. A time loop trapping them in the wedding
    4. A powerful warlock trying to disrupt the ceremony
    5. A possessed priest conducting the ceremony

    The sisters face off against an evil-bride-to-be intent on creating more demonic offspring during her demonic wedding party.

  4. 4 Who is Aviva, and what is her agenda in "The Fourth Sister"?

    1. A lost sister of the Halliwells seeking reunion
    2. A demon disguised as a teenager
    3. A witch apprentice hoping to join the Halliwell coven
    4. A friend of Phoebe's with no ulterior motives
    5. A rival witch plotting to steal the Charmed Ones' powers

    Aviva befriends Phoebe with the aim of joining the Halliwell coven, but her mentor has darker intentions to steal their powers.

  5. 5 Who is the antagonist in "The Witch is Back"?

    1. A vengeful spirit seeking revenge
    2. A powerful warlock trapped in a locket
    3. A corrupt government official
    4. A rogue witch from the past
    5. A cursed artifact with dark powers

    The Halliwell sisters face off against a powerful 300-year warlock seeking vengeance after being trapped in a locket by one of their ancestors.

  6. 6 In the episode "Feats of Clay," what does Phoebe's ex-boyfriend Clay bring with him into town?

    1. A cursed necklace
    2. A magical amulet
    3. A stolen Egyptian urn
    4. A haunted painting
    5. A mysterious book

    Clay brings a mortal curse in a stolen Egyptian urn, complicating his attempt at reconciliation with Phoebe.

  7. 7 What strange transformation does Piper undergo in "The Wendigo"?

    1. She turns into a vampire
    2. She gains the ability to fly
    3. She starts to exhibit traits of a supernatural creature
    4. She becomes invisible
    5. She ages rapidly

    Piper begins to undergo a strange transformation with similar traits to the hideous supernatural creature that attacked her.

  8. 8 What special secret about Leo is unveiled in "Secrets and Guys"?

    1. He is a warlock
    2. He is a guardian angel
    3. He is a time traveler
    4. He is a vampire
    5. He is a shape-shifter

    The search for a kidnapped boy leads to the unveiling of a special secret about Leo, revealing him to be a guardian angel.

  9. 9 What unleashes a long-dormant shadow-demon in "Is There a Woogy in the House?"?

    1. A spell gone wrong
    2. A violent earthquake
    3. A magical artifact
    4. Phoebe's fear
    5. A ritual performed by a dark witch

    A violent earthquake unleashes a long-dormant shadow-demon, turning Phoebe against her sisters.

  10. 10 Who must stop the evil spirit seeking revenge in "The Power of Two"?

    1. Phoebe and Piper
    2. Piper and Prue
    3. Phoebe and Leo
    4. Piper and Leo
    5. Prue and Phoebe
  11. 11 Why must Piper say goodbye to Leo in "Love Hurts"?

    1. He is leaving for a distant land
    2. He is under a curse that separates them
    3. He is revealed to be a demon
    4. He is summoned by his superiors
    5. He is being hunted by dark forces

    Piper learns that her beau, Leo, is a Whitelighter, leading to her having to say goodbye to him.

How Well Do You Remember Charmed Season 1? Trivia Quiz

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