Who Said These Quotes in “Jane the Virgin ” Quiz?

Who Said These Quotes in “Jane the Virgin ” Quiz?

"I'm not afraid of anything, except acne and leprechauns."

“That is love. To give up money, like it’s nothing”

“She may have grown up knowing she was a mistake. But she wasn’t about to let her child suffer the same burden.”

"Have I made it onto 'The Bachelor' yet? No. Have I auditioned three times? Yes."

"I do feel better knowing you've suffered a little."


"Wow, look at all these guys. It's like shopping on Amazon."

"Do you remember the night I realised you are actually a very mean person. I realised I would still rather be with you. At your worst."

"If you choose to make a living in the fine arts, you must believe in yourself."

"You crushed my heart like a walnut. In a walnut crushing machine."

"Life is full of tough moments. You have to fight for what you want."


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