Which ‘Jane the Virgin’ Character Are You? Quiz

Welcome to the “Which ‘Jane the Virgin‘ Character Are You?” quiz! Step into the vibrant world of this beloved telenovela-inspired series and discover which character resonates with your unique personality. Are you the ambitious and determined Jane, balancing the challenges of motherhood and her dreams? Perhaps you embody the adventurous and passionate spirit of Petra, navigating complex relationships with grace and wit. Or maybe you relate to the compassionate and wise Abuela Alba, offering guidance and love to those around you. Take this fun quiz to uncover the character that mirrors your traits, and find your place in the heartwarming, dramatic, and comedic journey that is ‘Jane the Virgin.’ Let’s get started!

Which ‘Jane the Virgin’ Character Are You?

Which Tv Show You May Like?

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What is Your Style

Least favorite aspect of yourself?


What is Your Most-Used Social Media Platform

Where do you prefer to go on vacation?

What matters most to you?

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