How Well Do You Remember Love, Death & Robots? Episodes 1-10

How Well Do You Remember Love, Death & Robots

Test your knowledge with this quiz and see how well you remember the intriguing stories and stunning animation of Love, Death & Robots. Challenge your memory and relive the excitement of this popular animated anthology series.

  1. 1 How does Sonnie ultimately defeat Jennifer and Dicko?

    1. She outsmarts them in a game of chess
    2. She reveals her secret ace in the death match arena
    3. She hires mercenaries to take them out
    4. She switches places with her fighting monster and surprises them
    5. She negotiates a truce with them

    Sonnie outwits Jennifer and Dicko by fully switching places with her fighting monster, Khanivore.

  2. 2 What is the main objective of the three robots?

    1. To find a way to resurrect humanity
    2. To understand human history and culture through sightseeing
    3. To locate a source of renewable energy
    4. To uncover the secrets of a post-apocalyptic city
    5. To establish a new society ruled by robots

    The robots embark on a sightseeing trip in a post-apocalyptic city to learn about human life and customs.

  3. 3 What unexpected encounter do the robots have at an apartment?

    1. They encounter a group of hostile humans
    2. They encounter a sentient robot
    3. They encounter a rare artifact from human civilization
    4. They encounter a real live cat
    5. They encounter an advanced artificial intelligence

    The robots encounter a cat, which leads to confusion and humorous misunderstandings about its behavior.

  4. 4 What does the woman witness from her hotel room window at the beginning of the episode? (The_Witness)

    1. A couple embracing lovingly
    2. A heated argument between a man and a woman
    3. A group of people dancing
    4. A robbery in progress
    5. A car accident on the street below

    The woman witnesses a fight between a man and a woman across the street, followed by gunshots indicating a murder.

  5. 5 What weapon does Hank use to deal with the DeeBees attacking the cattle?

    1. Bow and arrows
    2. Shotgun
    3. Sword
    4. Turret gun
    5. Laser beam

    Hank uses a turret gun equipped on his mech suit to deal with the attacking DeeBees.

  6. 6 What is revealed about the DeeBees and the farmers at the end of the story?

    1. The farmers are a peaceful community.
    2. The DeeBees are native inhabitants of the planet.
    3. The farmers are actually the invading force on the planet.
    4. The DeeBees are fleeing from another threat.
    5. The farmers and DeeBees live in harmony.

    The twist at the end reveals that the farmers are the invading force, having set up colonies across the planet, which is populated by DeeBees.

  7. 7 What is Flynn's profession in the story?(Sucker_of_Souls)

    1. Archaeologist
    2. Mercenary
    3. Intern
    4. Vampire hunter
    5. Scientist

    Flynn is described as a hired mercenary in the narrative.

  8. 8 What is discovered in the prison cells at the end of the episode?

    1. Treasure
    2. Weapons cache
    3. Secret passage
    4. Other captured humans
    5. Similar vampires

    The episode ends with the discovery that the prison cells are filled with similar vampires, indicating potential danger for the protagonists as the vampires prepare to attack.

  9. 9 What does the yogurt request in exchange for providing solutions to the country's problems?

    1. Control over the State of California
    2. A large sum of money
    3. Control over the State of Ohio
    4. A position in the government
    5. Ownership of a private island

    The yogurt requests control over the State of Ohio in exchange for its solutions to the country's problems.

  10. 10 What does the yogurt decide to do a decade later, surprising humans?

    1. Launch space missions
    2. Declare war on neighboring countries
    3. Implement harsh regulations
    4. Establish diplomatic relations with aliens
    5. Start a revolution against human rulers

    A decade later, the yogurt surprises humans by deciding to initiate space launches, leaving humanity behind on Earth.

  11. 11 What kind of spirit is Tsiao-Jung, the target of Liang and his father?

    1. Dragon
    2. Phoenix
    3. Huli Jing (fox-like spirit)
    4. Jiangshi (hopping vampire)
    5. Qilin

    Tsiao-Jung is described as a Huli Jing, which is a shapeshifting fox-like spirit in Chinese mythology.

  12. 12 What is Decker ordered to do by Major Reyner after discovering the slaughtered troops?

    1. Seek revenge on the Taliban
    2. Bring in the Taliban werewolf alive
    3. Report back to the base immediately
    4. Surrender to the enemy
    5. Retreat from the area

    Major Reyner orders Decker to find the Taliban werewolf responsible for the attack and bring him in alive.

How Well Do You Remember Love, Death & Robots? Episodes 1-10

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