Stephen King Hard Quiz (12 Questions)

Stephen King Hard Quiz (12 Questions)

what drink Jack wants In the restaurant in 'The Talisman'?

in "Bag of Bones" What is the name of the lake?

in 'Hearts In Atlantis' What did Bobby get for his birthday?

what was nailed to the speed limit sign in "Desperation"?

What was the name of the little boy in Cujo?


What type of car were Donna and Tad Trenton trapped in Cujo?

what was the former name of the stray dog in

what was the title of King Roland In "The Eyes of the Dragon"?

in "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" What was the number Tom Gordon?

what were the two dead girls' names in 'The Green Mile'?

"From a Buick 8" take place in What City?

Name of the place Peter is imprisoned in 'The Eyes of the Dragon' ?


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