John Mayall Trivia Quiz – 10 Questions

John Mayall Trivia Quiz

nd of the 1960s Mayall has lived in the US. A brush fire destroyed his house in Laurel Canyon in 1979?

When was John Mayall Born

Which Club Mayall started playing with Bluesbreakers

John Mayall taught himself to play which instruments by the age of 13?

What was the alternate name of album "Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton"?


in Early Years John Mayall spent three years in Which County's national service?

Who was one of the first people Mayall recruited when Bluesbreakers formed?

what type of work did John Mayall in College of Art in Manchester ?

In August 1971, Mayall produced a jazz-oriented session for bluesman ...........?

What age John Mayall moved into his treehouse?

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