Can You Guess 9 John Mayall Songs From The Lyrics?

Can You Guess 9 John Mayall Songs From The Lyrics?

If they don't then they wount, fuck a hater nigga I keep a heat I am P Soopafly bond to go double plat Fuck a rat I'm a show you where the trouble at

Put a smile on your face and dry away your tears. Life is bound to get better as you live your years.

I want to do some nasty thangs, want to make her scream my name I like the girls that don't say, "what?," know that she fine

Some people may treat you ugly Some treat you beautiful too That's the way life is all over So look for the good things for you

I let a life slip through my fingers Where am I gonna turn? I'm the causing of the trouble And it makes my poor heart burn

Hit a swith watch it bounce up good grief Meet me in the elco with gold leaf Rim big pimpin like filmore slim

Hey, Hey, you can make it if you try Baby, that's no lie Living in generations of millionaires

But you know I'm here. Everybody knows I'm here. Well, I'm the hoochie coochie man. Everybody knows I'm here.

So why on earth should I moan, 'cause when I get you alone You know I feel OK


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