How Well Do You Remember Schitt’s Creek Season 1? Trivia Quiz

Schitt's Creek

Test your knowledge of Schitt’s Creek Season 1 with this fun and challenging trivia quiz. See how well you remember the iconic moments, characters, and plotlines from the first season of the beloved TV series. Are you a true Schitt’s Creek fan? Take the quiz now and find out!

  1. 1 What is the main reason the Rose family ends up living in Schitt's Creek?

    1. They lose a bet
    2. They are stranded there by accident
    3. They are left financially ruined by their business manager
    4. They are on a vacation trip
    5. They choose to live there voluntarily

    The Rose family is forced to live in Schitt's Creek after their business manager leaves them financially ruined.

  2. 2 What unusual request does Roland Schitt make of Moira to seal the deal?

    1. To perform a song at the dinner
    2. To sign a prenuptial agreement
    3. To adopt a pet from the local shelter
    4. To help him with his campaign
    5. To kiss him on the cheek

    Roland asks Moira to perform a song at the dinner as an unusual request to seal the deal.

  3. 3 What obstacle does Johnny believe he faces in selling Schitt's Creek?

    1. A missing property deed
    2. The condition of the town sign
    3. Environmental regulations
    4. Local competition from other towns
    5. Lack of interest from buyers

    Johnny believes the town sign, depicting Roland's ancestors in a compromising position, poses an obstacle to selling Schitt's Creek.

  4. 4 What causes Moira to fall into a major depression?

    1. Losing her favorite pair of shoes
    2. Negative search results about her online
    3. Family disagreements
    4. Financial troubles
    5. Health issues

    Moira falls into a major depression after seeing negative search results about herself online.

  5. 5 What problem does David face in holding onto a job?

    1. Lack of qualifications
    2. Unreliable transportation
    3. A difficult boss
    4. Persistent tardiness
    5. Unintentional sabotage by someone

    David faces the problem of unintentional sabotage by someone, which complicates his ability to hold onto a job.

  6. 6 What complicates David's decision to sell his unwanted clothes?

    1. Lack of buyers in Schitt's Creek
    2. Sentimental attachment to each piece
    3. Poor condition of the clothes
    4. High resale value of designer items
    5. Difficulty in finding a seller

    David finds it challenging to sell his unwanted clothes due to his sentimental attachment to each piece.

  7. 7 Why does Alexis have to do community service in Schitt's Creek?

    1. For shoplifting
    2. For vandalism
    3. For a DUI charge
    4. For littering
    5. For trespassing

    Alexis has to do community service in Schitt's Creek as a consequence of a DUI charge she incurred before arriving in town.

  8. 8 What surprising offer does Roland make to Johnny and Moira?

    1. To buy their living quarters
    2. To share a secret with them
    3. To fix their door
    4. To give them his cabin
    5. To provide them with a new house

    Roland offers Johnny and Moira his cabin so they can have privacy away from their children.

  9. 9 What theme do Alexis and David choose for their motel room party?

    1. Movie night
    2. Karaoke night
    3. Game night
    4. Dance party
    5. Book club

    Alexis and David decide to have a motel room party with a game night theme.

  10. 10 What does Moira receive from her old friend Justine St. Pierre?

    1. A gift voucher
    2. A pyramid scheme starter kit
    3. A job offer
    4. A letter of apology
    5. A vacation package

    Moira receives a starter kit for Justine's pyramid scheme door-to-door sales cosmetics company, Allez-Vous.

  11. 11 What is revealed about Carl's cause of death during the funeral?

    1. He died of natural causes
    2. He was murdered
    3. He died in a freak accident
    4. He was killed in a car accident
    5. He died of old age

    It is revealed that Carl died in a freak accident, although Bob believes it was related to a fan and belt Carl was trying to "untie."

How Well Do You Remember Schitt's Creek Season 1? Trivia Quiz

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