How Well Do You Remember Orphan Black Season 1? Trivia Quiz

How Well Do You Remember Orphan Black Season 1

Challenge yourself with our Orphan Black Season 1 trivia quiz and see how well you remember the thrilling events from the first season. Put your memory to the test and relive the excitement of Orphan Black’s debut season with our engaging quiz.

  1. 1 What item does Sarah find in Elizabeth Childs' purse that leads her to discover important documents?

    1. A wallet
    2. A set of keys
    3. A passport
    4. A notebook
    5. A lipstick

    Sarah finds a key in Elizabeth Childs' purse, which leads her to discover birth certificates for Elizabeth Childs, Alison Hendrix, and Katja Obinger.

  2. 2 Who does Sarah meet at the river bank during her "funeral"?

    1. Mrs. S
    2. Felix
    3. Vic
    4. Katja Obinger
    5. Detective Art

    Sarah encounters Mrs. S and Kira at the river bank and desperately tries to prevent Kira from seeing her during the fake funeral.

  3. 3 Where is Sarah's fake wake being held?

    1. A church
    2. A cemetery
    3. Felix's apartment
    4. A park
    5. Sarah's house

    Sarah's fake wake is held at Felix's apartment, where friends gather to mourn her supposed death.

  4. 4 What is the first rule of the clone club?

    1. Never trust outsiders
    2. Always protect each other
    3. Never reveal their existence
    4. Stay hidden from the authorities
    5. Share everything with each other

    Cosima tells Sarah that the first rule of the clone club is to never tell anyone about them, highlighting the importance of secrecy.

  5. 5 What nickname does the young boy give to the killer clone?

    1. Dark Angel
    2. Angry Angel
    3. Silent Angel
    4. Fallen Angel
    5. Mysterious Angel

    The young boy refers to the killer clone as the "Angry Angel" after encountering her in his house.

  6. 6 What item does Sarah discover in her possession after her encounter with Helena?

    1. A doll
    2. A photo
    3. A paper fortune teller
    4. A Bible
    5. A weapon

    Sarah discovers a paper fortune teller left behind by Helena after their encounter, containing mysterious numbers.

  7. 7 What does Sarah discover about the DNA samples of the Jane Doe and the killer in the bathroom?

    1. They are contaminated
    2. They are mislabeled
    3. They are identical
    4. They are inconclusive
    5. They are tampered with

    The coroner concludes that the DNA samples of the Jane Doe and the killer in the bathroom are identical, suggesting they are the same person.

  8. 8 What shocking discovery does Art make at the police station?

    1. Sarah's involvement in criminal activities
    2. Sarah's true identity
    3. Sarah's connection to Beth
    4. Sarah's affiliation with Neolution
    5. Sarah's resemblance to Beth

    Art and DeAngelis are stunned to discover that Sarah's mugshot matches that of Beth, indicating a striking resemblance between the two.

  9. 9 What revelation does Cosima make about the DNA sequences of Sarah and Kira?

    1. They are identical
    2. They contain synthetic sequences
    3. They are contaminated
    4. They are unrelated
    5. They exhibit signs of mutation

    Cosima discovers that the DNA sequences of Sarah and Kira contain synthetic segments that differ from natural DNA, suggesting genetic modification.

  10. 10 What offer does Dr. Leekie present to Alison when he visits her?

    1. A job at the Dyad Institute
    2. Protection from Helena and others
    3. Removal of her monitor
    4. Noninvasive testing twice a year
    5. All of the above

    Dr. Leekie offers Alison a comprehensive contract, including protection, removal of her monitor, and a job opportunity at the Dyad Institute.

  11. 11 What critical information does Sarah receive from Amelia before her death?

    1. A picture of Mrs. S from 1977
    2. Details about Project LEDA
    3. Confirmation of Helena's identity
    4. Rachel's contact information
    5. Dr. Leekie's location

    Before her death, Amelia provides Sarah with critical information about Project LEDA, shedding light on their shared history.

How Well Do You Remember Orphan Black Season 1? Trivia Quiz

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