How Well Do You Remember 2 Broke Girls Season 1? Trivia Quiz

How Well Do You Remember 2 Broke Girls Season 1

Put your memory to the test with our 2 Broke Girls Season 1 trivia quiz! Challenge yourself with questions about the hit TV show and see how well you remember the hilarious moments and memorable characters. Play now and prove your 2 Broke Girls expertise!

  1. 1 What motivates Max to invite Caroline to stay at her place?

    1. Caroline offered to pay rent
    2. Max pities Caroline after finding her sleeping on the subway
    3. Caroline saved Max from a dangerous situation
    4. Max was impressed by Caroline's work ethic at the diner
    5. Max needed someone to help with her babysitting job

    Max's decision to invite Caroline to stay at her place stems from a feeling of pity after finding Caroline sleeping on the subway. This encounter leads Max to offer Caroline a place to stay while she goes to her babysitting job.

  2. 2 What is Caroline's proposed scheme to make extra cash with Max?

    1. Selling handmade jewelry
    2. Running a cupcake delivery service
    3. Selling overpriced cupcakes in Manhattan
    4. Starting a pet-sitting business
    5. Offering cooking classes

    Caroline suggests selling overpriced "red-velvet" cupcakes in Manhattan and pocketing the difference between the actual cost and the asking price, as she believes the cupcakes are undervalued.

  3. 3 In "And Strokes of Goodwill," why does Caroline stand up for Max at the thrift store?

    1. Max is being unfairly treated by the store staff
    2. Max's shirt is stolen from her basket by another woman
    3. Max is hesitant to try on clothes
    4. Max is feeling unwell and needs support
    5. Max is unsure about which clothes to buy

    Caroline stands up for Max at the thrift store when she sees another woman wearing a shirt that was stolen from Max's basket, demonstrating Caroline's loyalty to her friend despite their differences.

  4. 4 In "And the Rich People Problems," what impresses Max when she breaks into Caroline's old townhouse?

    1. The size of the bathtub
    2. The luxurious furniture
    3. The expensive artwork
    4. The high-tech appliances
    5. The grand staircase

    The size of the bathtub. Max insists on staying to enjoy the bath, realizing Caroline's lavish lifestyle.

  5. 5 What event leads to Max and Caroline's dilemma between money and dignity in "And the Really Petty Cash"?

    1. Making cupcakes for an art show
    2. Selling paintings
    3. Decorating a coffee shop
    4. Cleaning a hoarder's apartment
    5. Working as elves at a department store

    They realize Cashandra is trying to make a point to Max.

  6. 6 In "And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving," where do Caroline and Max work to earn extra money during the holiday season?

    1. Department store's Santaland
    2. Candy shop
    3. Christmas market
    4. Toy factory
    5. Ice skating rink

    Department store's Santaland. They work as elves to earn extra money.

  7. 7 What does Caroline do to raise money for a new oven in "And the Pop-Up Sale"?

    1. Sells her jewelry
    2. Hosts a bake sale
    3. Gets a loan from the bank
    4. Takes on extra shifts at the diner
    5. Starts a crowdfunding campaign

    Sells her jewelry. Caroline tries to sell her jewelry to raise money for a new oven.

  8. 8 In "And the Secret Ingredient," what does Caroline become obsessed with after discovering the secret ingredient to Max's cupcakes?

    1. Cooking
    2. Painting
    3. Yoga
    4. Gardening
    5. Couponing

    Couponing. Caroline becomes obsessed with couponing.

  9. 9 How do Max and Caroline spend Valentine's Day in "And the Broken Hearts"?

    1. Celebrating at a fancy restaurant
    2. Working at the diner
    3. Visiting friends
    4. At the ER with Earl
    5. Having a movie night at home

    At the ER with Earl. They spend Valentine's Day in the ER when Earl has a heart attack.

  10. 10 In "And Martha Stewart Have a Ball (Part 2)," what problem do Max and Caroline encounter at the ball?

    1. Their dresses are not suitable
    2. They are not on the guest list
    3. Chestnut runs away
    4. The party planner rejects them
    5. Martha Stewart doesn't attend

    They are not on the guest list. They are stymied by the party planner as Caroline is not on the list.

  11. 11 How do Max and Caroline resolve the problem at the ball in "And Martha Stewart Have a Ball (Part 2)"?

    1. They sneak into the ball
    2. They leave the ball
    3. They bribe the party planner
    4. They use Chestnut to get attention
    5. They find another way to enter the ball

    They sneak into the ball. Max comes up with a plan to sneak in.

How Well Do You Remember 2 Broke Girls Season 1? Trivia Quiz

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