Whitesnake – David Coverdale – Trivia Quiz

Whitesnake – David Coverdale- Trivia Quiz

What was the name of blues rock debut album released in the autumn of 1978?

What is the name of this Whitesnake album?

Before Whitesnake What band was David Coverdale in?

which actress featured in Whitesnake's music video "Here I Go Again" ?

Which guitar, named after Whitesnake's guitarist, was issued by Peavey?


In 2005, Whitesnake were named the 85th greatest hard rock band of all time by ?

The Band Whitesnake formed in ..........?

Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" featured in Which movie's soundtrack ?

What wasfirst hit #1 Whitesnake song on the Billboard Hot 100?

Which was the last Whitesnake album to feature Jon Lord on keyboards?


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