Which Tom Petty Song Are You?

Which Tom Petty Song Are You?

Which Tom Petty Song Are You?



Petty finished in 1968, the High School and went one year to College. His first Band, The Sundowners changed its name in Epics. The Band quickly became known locally. In 1970, the Band was renamed in Mudcrutch. In their performances they have shared the stage with another emerging group: Lynyrd Skynyrd. Mudcrutch had their own music and combined the influence of British Bands with the Californian style of the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and The Flying Burrito Brothers. In 1974 they had a record contract.

From 1974 to 1996 Tom Petty was married to Jane Benyo. From the marriage two daughters. Since 2001 he married Dana York

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  1. I got ‘Refugee’, can relate lol 🙂 awesome song, awesome artist! We don’t hear of you these days Tom Petty!