Which Stranger Things Character Are You? Quiz

Welcome to the “Which Stranger Things Character Are You?” quiz! Get ready to be transported to the nostalgic 80s and the supernatural mysteries of Hawkins, Indiana. In a town where extraordinary occurrences are the norm, every character brings a unique flavor to the story. Are you like the adventurous and determined Eleven, wielding mysterious powers and forming unbreakable bonds? Maybe you share the inquisitive nature of Mike, always seeking the truth and standing up for what’s right. Could you be the loyal and protective friend like Dustin, bringing humor to even the darkest situations? Or do you embody the bravery of Chief Hopper, willing to go to great lengths to save those you care about? By answering a set of captivating questions, you’ll unveil the Stranger Things character that resonates with your essence. So, let’s start this exciting journey and find out which role you would play in the supernatural adventures of Hawkins!


Which Stranger Things Character Are You?

Which pair of positive words might others use to describe you?

What is your favorite prints on clothing?

What do you want the most?

What is a Perfect Day


In another life I might have been...

Which word describes you best?

Chose a meal

Which Riverdale Character Are You?

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