Which Nirvana member are you?

Which Nirvana member are you?

The person in charge, in 1992, at MTV with the Song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in Heavy Rotation, is hardly aware that he would be flipping the switch for a new age of Alternative rock. What has always driven him to this out of the ordinary music video-frame case, the end of the horse, it was an unprecedented commercial luck.

With a boring sports halls-Video, in which usually a tousled type wuschelt his shoulder-length, blond hair in the camera and listless a simple Four-chord Riff Song hinsch overwhelmed, take a few unsuspecting bum from Seattle, the spirit of the time and will soon be the voice of a whole Generation.

Whether or not this was intentional is debatable. Guitarist, singer and Songwriter, Kurt Cobain’s not-got it set well to the goal, for millions of Teenagers in their Down-and-in-Phase, as a Role-Model is sick. On the other hand, he’s fighting since his early days as a musician, grim, hellish self-aware (“I always knew that I was doing something special.”) and without regard to losses for a life in fame, glory and lots of Rock’n’Roll.


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