Which Muse Song Are You? Quiz

Which Muse Song Are You

Welcome to the “Which Muse Song Are You?” quiz! Whether you’re a longtime fan of the British rock band Muse, or you’re just discovering their unique blend of alternative rock, progressive rock, and space rock, this quiz will help you discover which of their powerful and provocative songs matches your personality. From the haunting tones of “Supermassive Black Hole” to the anthemic grandeur of “Uprising,” each Muse song carries a distinctive emotional tone and message. Do you resonate with the defiance and rebellion of “Knights of Cydonia”, or do you identify more with the introspective moodiness of “Unintended”? Strap in, answer our carefully curated questions, and we’ll reveal which Muse song is the soundtrack to your life!

Which Muse Song Are You?

What's the Most important thing for you in a Song?

Select a Band Member

In another life I might have been...

What would you most likely describe as your habitat

What era would you like to live in


Choose a Band - Musician - Singer

Select Your Favorite Muse Album?


Which Slayer Song Are You?

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  1. Different music of style are the success for MUSE… Sympathy, energy and passion are the winner in the band … Thank you