Which Metal Subgenre Are You?

Which Metal Subgenre Are You


Alternative Metal – System of a Down
Black Metal – Venom
Symphonic Black Metal – Celtic Frost
Viking Metal – Bathory
Cello Metal – Apoctalyptica
Christian Metal – Stryper
Unblack Metal – Horde
Crust Punk – Amebix
Death Metal – Morbid Angel
Death ‘n’ Roll – Entombed
Melodic Death Metal – The Black Dahlia Murder
Technical Death Metal – Cynic
Doom – Candlemass
Funeral Doom – Evoken
Death/Doom – My Dying Bride

Drone Metal – Earth
Progressive metal – Dream theater

Extreme Progressive Metal – Between the Buried and Me

Thrash Metal – Slayer

Power Metal – Almah
Speed Metal – Motorhead
Pagan Metal – In The Woods…

Samurai Metal – Mononofu

Sludge Metal – Mastodon

Post Metal – Helmet

Grunge Metal – Soundgarden

Metalcore – Bullet for my Valentine

Nu-Metal – Korn

Rap Metal – Rage Against the Machine

Glam Metal – Twisted Sister
Groove Metal – Pantera

Funk Metal – Faith No More

Traditional Heavy Metal – Deep Purple

Crossover Thrash Metal – Corrosion of Conformity

Teutonic Thrash Metal – Kreator

Symphonic Metal – Therion

Stoner Rock – Acid King

Djent – Meshuggah

Neo-Classical Metal: Vinnie Moore

Nintendocore – rainbowdragoneyes

Mathcore – Dillinger Escape Plan

Deathcore – Suicide Silence

Melodic Metalcore – All That Remains

Metalcore – Hatebreed

Latin Metal – Sepultura

Industrial Metal – Ministry

Grindcore – Napalm Death

Deathgrind – Cephalic Carnage

Goregrind – Carcass

Pornogrind – Lividity

Gothic Metal – Paradise Lost

Folk Metal – Cruachan

Celtic Metal – Primordial

Medieval Metal – Subway to Sally

Pagan Metal – Moonsorrow

Experimental Metal – Boris

Dark Metal – Black Sabbath

Australian War Metal – Destroyer 666

Circus Metal – Dog Fashion Disco

Epic Metal – Manowar

Gore Metal – Cannibal Corpse

Grunge Metal – Alice in Chains

Ice Metal – Sonata Arctica

Oriental Metal – Salem

Party Metal – Cheap Trick

Baroque – Alex Masi

Comedy Metal – Spinal Tap

Synth Metal – Royal Hunt

SID Metal – Machinae Supremacy

Vedic Metal – Canyon

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