Which Member Of Kiss Are You?

Which Member Of Kiss Are You

Which Member Of Kiss Are You?

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In September 1975, their Live Album titled Alive! published. Most of the tracks on the album were recorded during a performance in Detroit’s Cobo Arena. The Live Album sold millions. There are four specialist was certified platinum and the first Single, Rock and Roll All Nite brought to Kiss for the first time in the Top 40 of the charts.

For the follow-up album to the group and Bob Ezrin were selected as producers. The result of this collaboration is the Album Destroyer, released in March 1976. It is the commercially most successful Studio album from Kiss. The Cover was by Ken Kelly, and later served as a motif for various Merchandising products such as T-Shirts, posters and other devotional objects.


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  1. Gene Simmons of course, great minds think alike, also my first KISS was Gene’s solo album and since then I am a KISStorian.

  2. I got Paul…Gene is my favorite but the first question told me I wouldn’t get him, “Do you love beer, Gene does not but I do…lol.