Which Member Of Aerosmith Are You?

aerosmith quiz

Aerosmith is known as the world’s most influential and fantastic rock band

Since 1970, they didn’t  leave us alone  with  their songs

They had 8 Members Since 1970

They are : Steven Tyler , Joe Perry ,Brad Whitford , Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer , Ray Tabano ,  Jimmy Crespo, Rick Dufay

And You are the on of From these Members , if you want to learn Which Aerosmith Member you are , Answer all questions

There is 12 Questions  , These Questions about your personality and also about the band

The Band Member result will given depends on yout answers



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  1. Have always been a Aerosmith fan since Get your wings album came out. Sweet Emotion is one of my all time favorite. Was sad when AeroSmith broke up 79-80 don’t remember actual year. I’m glad that they got back together.