Which Lord Of The Rings Creature Are You?

Which Lord Of The Rings Creature Are You?


Saul Zaentz produced this animated film for distribution by the American film company United Artists. The distribution rights are now with Warner Bros.

The action of the film covers the band, The companions, and about two-thirds of The two towers, aside but The return of the king. Characters such as Arwen and Éomer will not be presented at all. As Arwen but very little in the first two books appears and Éomer driving in the novel, hardly the action of the previous character is described, is explained. The action sequence with Tom Bombadil is omitted, as well as later in the film adaptation of the new founder Peter Jackson.

A Detail of Bakshis Film is that some of the scenes were first filmed with real actors in Spain, and then with the so-called Rotoscoping method traced.

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  1. Sorry, but this “quiz” was pretty lame. What the favorite music, food or TV-shows are, has nothing to do with LotR, so those questions don’t belong here. None of them even had any of my favorites. The creator of this “quiz” desperately needs more practice in making quizzes. This wasn’t even the least fun, like other quizzes are.