Which Gunsmoke Character Are You? Quiz

Do you have the unwavering determination and sense of justice that defines Marshal Matt Dillon? Or perhaps you’re the sharp-witted and poker-faced Miss Kitty, who holds the saloon together with a firm but caring hand. Maybe you share the wisdom and warmth of Doc Adams, offering sage advice and healing to those in need. Or could you be the tough and no-nonsense Festus Haggen, always ready to lend a hand in times of trouble? Take our “Which Gunsmoke Character Are You?” quiz to uncover which iconic Dodge City resident matches your personality, and step into the wild west of your own story!

Which Gunsmoke Character Are You?

What do you like to drink breakfast?

What is more important?

What is your favorite genre of movie? 

Your Mood Today?

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what are your main characteristics?

Where would you choose to live?

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