Which “Dexter” Character Are You?

Which Dexter Character Are You

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a blood analyst for the Miami police, at night, a slightly different activity. He roams as a serial killer by night and kills people who have killed already. At the same time he’s trying to be professional and private life with his unusual nightly activity, to bring it in line.

In order to draw his urge to kill people, in an “orderly direction,” has Dexter by his father, the now deceased police officer, Harry (James Remar), a Code to be imposed, he thinks he is. A particularly close relationship has Dexter to his step-sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), who works as he is in the homicide of Miami. However, as Dexter can keep his dark secret from his friends and colleagues and also in front of his family secret, and while still on the trail of cold-blooded murderers go?

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