Can You Guess The Release Dates of 19 RUSH albums ?

What year did this RUSH album come out?

Answer 19 Questions


The birth of Rush hits in September 1968, in the Willowdale/Toronto. From the Line-Up celebrates later successes, is the only Alex Lifeson on Board. The guitarist is actually whose real name is Alex Zivojinovic; Lifeson is the English Translation. Next to him is John Rutsey (drums) and Jeff Jones (Bass, vocals) of the Band. The latter, however, is pretty fast. In his place hired Alex to his old school Gary Lee Weinrib, called henceforth Geddy Lee comrades.


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  1. Last question should September 1st 1977!!! That’s the released date for A Farewell To Kings and NOT 1976 Please do your homework when you make a Rush Trivia 😉

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