What Electric Guitar Are You?

What Electric Guitar Are You

What Electric Guitar Are You?

An Electric guitar (E-guitar, electric guitar, or electric guitar) is an electric sound pick-up developed guitar. She sits in contrast to the acoustic guitar, not primarily on an acoustic sound of the body to the amplification of the string vibrations. As a result, other designs can be achieved, many of the electric guitars give, among other things, a particularly easy playability. Another advantage is the variety of producible Sounds, which can be amplifiers using guitar and effects devices.

The development of the electric guitar was driven by the desire to give the Instrument greater volume. This was necessary, as were able to enforce the guitarists in the Jazz with purely acoustic instruments, and only bad against Blaster, or even just a single piano. The electric guitar gradually developed from the well-known acoustic guitar. Therefore, it is understood under the term E-guitar in a broader sense, the entire bandwidth of acoustic (Jazz)guitar with built-in pickups and guitars without resonance body on the other side. Between these two Extremes there are many hybrid forms, which have kept until today, and mostly as a “semi-acoustic” electric guitars are known or semi-hollow guitars (e.g. Gibson ES-335).


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