Warren Haynes Lyrics Quiz

Warren Haynes Lyrics Quiz

Champagne for breakfast and a Sherman in my hand Peached up, peached ale, never fails

I'll be the rain if you want me to be Help you to grow with no guarantee Even be the clown sad but true

Shatter your illusions of love Is it over now do you know how Pick up the pieces and go home

Those golden dreams why did they have to go? Now there's too much green in between me and you

Got the boys in battle face down in the mud On foreign soil trading oil for blood


With our bodies close together Let the world go by

In the corner your gracious host Dangling carrots in front of everybody's nose

Maybe give you something you could keep Everything you had you either lost or threw away

Love is really never not the answer And hate is never far enough away The question of our future lies Inside the games that politicians play

Strength has always been my enemy Solitude I've known like my own name


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