Van Halen Hard Quiz – 2

Van Halen Hard Quiz – 2


Who was on the cover with Eddie Van Halen on Guitar World's 30th Anniversary?

on the soundtrack of which 1984 film Eddie Van Halen's instrumental track Donut City appears ?

What was the first name of the band?

which song was AC/DC inspired According to Edward?

in what year Van Halen's first album came out ?


How many American Music Awards has Van Halen won?

Who was the 3rd singer for Van Halen?

Who produced Van Halen's self titled debut?

Which song on "Diver Down" features Ed and Alex's dad, Jan Van Halen?

What was the name of the first song recorded at Edward's home studio?

on Diver Down What instrument did Eddie and Alex's father plays?

what drum solo would Alex play In their club days?


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