Uriah Heep Lyrics Quiz

Uriah Heep Lyrics Quiz

Uriah Heep Songs Band Lyrics Quiz

Maybe she will, maybe she won't We can get it so together If she doesn't say don't

To fight and kill their brothers Without thought of love or God And I begged her give me horses To trample down my enemies

So bring fire and bring steel for you know the way I feel Bring a silver horse to carry me away

So I had to try hard to satisfy your thirst But I don't care 'cause I've got to know

Now half of me is all of her I'd be much happier if I were whole All my words and wisdom fall

But I was kiddin' myself for a long long time But now I got myself a spoon - I'm feeling fine

Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby When you went away, oh yeah I was like a little lost boy in the wilderness

You make me feel so old Just like I have been told Because it's always up to you Oh baby, hear me out

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