Tom Petty Trivia Quiz 2

Tom Petty Trivia Quiz 2

Tom Petty Trivia Quiz 2

Answer 10 Questions

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  1. Hey, just a couple of things wrong with your quiz. It’s only a legend that TP planted a lime tree. He has said that what he planted back in those days, isn’t growing at the U of F. Secondly, the band is The Sundowners, not Sundrowners and Benmont didn’t play with them, he played with Mudcrutch.

  2. There was a few mistakes. But I wanted to add that I missed one question and although it was Tom Petty related it wasn ‘t about tom at all. So i was frustrated cause im a 15 out of 15 TP Fan. So I think you need to edit this quiz. By the way, its the SunDOWNERS. THANK YOU