The Yardbirds Lyrics Quiz

The Yardbirds Lyrics Quiz

The Yardbirds Band Lyrics Quiz

The next little girl that I marry, She work and bring me some gold. If you've ever been mistreated,

Made me lose my money, You made me lose my mind. It's people like you, baby,

Walking and a-kissing late at night; I tell you now baby, I feel just right. Come now baby, whatcha trying to do?

Dying leaves of seasons brown, Losing life as they drift down. Too soon in life,

I got a tavern and a liquor store. I play the numbers, yeah, four forty-four. I got a mojo, yeah, don't you know,

Tell me woman Got a hold on my mind My, my, my, my, my, mind

The line I shoot, Will never miss, Make love to you baby, You can't resist.

I don't know how long for. Since I been running, babe, I been treating you like a dog.

Walk with me baby, Make me hold my head up high. Walk with me baby, Make me feel the greatest guy.


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