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Welcome to “The Velvet Underground Trivia Quiz” – a journey into the avant-garde and influential world of one of the most groundbreaking bands in rock history. How well do you know the pioneers of experimental rock and the driving force behind the New York City music scene in the 1960s? This quiz will put your knowledge to the test as you explore the poetic lyrics of Lou Reed, the mesmerizing soundscapes crafted by John Cale, and the innovative vision of the band as a whole. From their iconic debut album “The Velvet Underground & Nico” to their artistic explorations in “White Light/White Heat” and beyond, each question will challenge your understanding of their unique blend of art, music, and counterculture. So, grab your banana and embrace the spirit of The Velvet Underground as you embark on this captivating and immersive trivia journey!

  1. 1 "What in the world has happened to me The prince of stories who walk right by me" Which Song is This Lyric?

    1. Sunday Morning
    2. I'm Set Free
    3. Sweet Jane
    4. Heroin

    I'm Set Free

    What in the world has happened to me The prince of stories who walk right by meAnd now I'm set free I'm set free
  2. 2 Which of these songs was not sung by Nico?

    1. Femme Fatale
    2. All Tomorrow's Parties
    3. I'll Be Your Mirror
    4. Sunday Morning
  3. 3 Complete the lyrics "I wish that I was born a ..................... years ago I wish that I'd sailed the darkened seas"

    1. Thousand
    2. Hundred
    3. Ten
    4. One


    wish that I was born a thousand years ago I wish that I'd sailed the darkened seas On a great big clipper ship Going from this land here to that In a sailor's suit and capRead more: Velvet Underground - Heroin Lyrics | MetroLyrics
  4. 4 Who was the female drummer for The Velvet Underground?

    1. Beth Campbell
    2. Lisa Madonia
    3. Karen Bernatek
    4. Maureen Tucker

    Maureen Ann "Moe" Tucker

  5. 5 in Which year the album "Loaded " released?

    1. 1968
    2. 1969
    3. 1970
    4. 1971

    Released 15 November 1970

  6. 6 The Velvet Underground's First Album produced by?

    1. David Bowie
    2. Phil Spector
    3. Lou Reed
    4. Andy Warhol
  7. 7 Which name is not used as Band name?

    1. The Warlocks
    2. The Falling Spikes
    3. The Velvet Underground
    4. Exploding Plastic
  8. 8 Which song was originally written as an essay for an English class?

    1. Jesus
    2. Sister Ray
    3. Black Angel's Death Song
    4. The Gift
  9. 9 Who sings the song named "The Gift"?

    1. Lou Reed
    2. Sterling Morrison
    3. John Cale
    4. Nico
  10. 10 What "Venus In Furs" about?

    1. Sadomasochism
    2. Overdose
    3. Bears
    4. Panic attack

The Velvet Underground Trivia Quiz -1

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