The Arrow Trivia Quiz -1

The Arrow Trivia Quiz -1

Welcome to “The Arrow Trivia Quiz” – an action-packed journey into the world of the vigilante hero, Green Arrow. How well do you know the TV series that brought Oliver Queen to life? This quiz will put your knowledge to the test as you venture through the crime-ridden streets of Star City. From Oliver’s early days as a playboy billionaire to his transformation into the hooded archer fighting for justice, each question will challenge your memory of pivotal moments, epic battles, and the relationships that defined the show. Discover how well you remember Team Arrow, including characters like Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, and Sara Lance. As you take on this quiz, remember that it takes more than just skill with a bow to be a hero. So, draw back your bowstrings, and let “The Arrow Trivia Quiz” begin!

The Arrow Trivia Quiz -1

Answer 10 Questions

In which city does the series play?

Something simple: What is the main character of the series?

Who saved him?

In which country was Arrow actor Stephen Amell born?


What does the father of Laurel actress Katie Cassidy do professionally?

Who plays Oliver's best friend, Tommy

who died in the shipwreck?

What are the nominees on the "Teen Choice Awards"?

How long Oliver Queen was on the island?

What genre belongs to "Arrow"?

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