Test Your Bon Jovi Knowledge (9 Questions)

Test Your Bon Jovi Knowledge

Test Your Bon Jovi Knowledge (9 Questions)

What Bon Jovi song is the only on one of their albums that none of the band members wrote?

What is the name of the radio station that first played Runaway?

When was Bon Jovi's first album released?

What was the original design for Bon Jovi's slippery when wet album?

Name the two actor/actress who appear in the bands video for Always


The title to Bon Jovi's box set pays homage to what other artist?

In The concert for New York City in 2001 what 2 songs did Bon Jovi perform?

The red smirk on the Have a Nice Day cd name is?

Who produced Bon Jovi's newest cd,Lost Highway?

This discography is an Overview of the musical works of the American Rock music group Bon Jovi. The source of information that they sold in Germany alone, up to today, over 5.1 million records and are, therefore, one of the artists with the most albums sold in Germany.

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