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Suzi Quatro Lyrics

Precious moments we can't forget, a promise forever yes, we know, that's it's over, my heart has no regrets

Time to tear some fences down It's time to turn your heart around

Well it's the same thing every night Over and over we fight And you won't back down She's the best in town

Well your mama don't know where your sister done go She's gone down to the Drive. She's the start of the show

You don't know what you do Your hands are shakin. Your temper's breakin


Well, please don't ask me what's on my mind I'm a little mixed up, but I'm feeling fine

Well surprise surprise, a few more lies, or do we simply call them alibis This life we lead aint fooling either one of us

Now you're twenty years past your teens Well, like a blast from the bloodline special

In the heat of the night You treat me right Nice and easy I can tell by your smile

When you should've said take, (take) take is what you did Did I make a mistake, or am I just being misled

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