Steel Panther Lyrics Quiz

Steel Panther Lyrics Quiz

Answer Questions about Steel Panther Lyrics

In the back of his sleigh he´s got some hoe hoe hoe´s They´re lickin´ eggnog drippin´ from his firehouse

Universe their last remaining enemy, men, created the PIL - Penile Impregnation Lingumbot.

his is not a choice you have that's only in your head And when you're getting the 3rd degree

Tattoo unicorns on your shaven balls Bang a hot midget at Niagara Falls Steal a Saturn 5 and fuck an astronaut Zero G anal and weightless cumshots

If you're at the strip joint hanging out with the guys When you get a table dance just look her in the eyes

When you try to connect it becomes quite clear There's nothing in between your ears There's nothing going on upstairs

I was looking for a woman, more beautiful than most And not just in the retouched facebook selfies that they post

Now I'm just a man in a band I'm eatin' out the bitches as fast as I can Licky clitty clitty, tounging that twat

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