Radiohead – True or False – Quiz – Level -1

Radiohead - True or False - Quiz - Level -1

Radiohead – True or False  – Quiz – Level -1

10 Questions

At one of the concerts of johnny Greenwood fell off the stage and broke his right arm in 2 places. After that the doctors forbade him to play without a special retainer?

After the release of the clip Lotus Flowers, the Internet filled with an incredible amount of jokes, memes and parodies with the tag #thomdance

Colin Greenwood and Jonny Greenwood - just namesakes

During a speech at the Glastonbury Festival in 1997, Radiohead exploded several screens and lamps, so they had to interrupt their performance and leave the stage after 7 song

British Center for Government Relations called the observation operation in honor of the song Karma Police


Eric Stof and Matt Stone, the creators of the animated series "South Park", big fans of Radiohead and even included the band in one of the episodes

Ed O'brien at leisure is engaged in breeding chickens

Johnny Greenwood and Phil Salway starred in the movie "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"

Radiohead recorded the official soundtrack for one of the James Bond films

Johnny Greenwood is one of the few musicians that owns the technique of playing the Martenot waves


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