Placebo Quiz With 10 Questions

Placebo Quiz With 10 Questions

Are you a die-hard Placebo fan with an encyclopedic knowledge of the band’s history and music? Or perhaps you’ve recently discovered their captivating sound and want to learn more? Either way, our Placebo Quiz is the perfect challenge for you! Test your familiarity with this iconic alternative rock band, known for their unique blend of raw emotion, haunting melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics

Placebo Trivia Quiz – 1

What was the name of the first single?

What is the second album from Placebo?

Why did the drummer of the original formation from Placebo leave the band?

Who was the origin of placebo?

"Stuck between the do or ... I feel emaciated


What was the first name of placebo?

When was placebo established at all?

Where do placebo come from?

What place of the British charts was the single "Nancy Boy" from Placebo?

What was the name of the former drummer of Placebo?

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