How Well Do You Know Peaky Blinders? Quiz

Welcome to the Peaky Blinders quiz, where you’ll step into the gritty and captivating world of the Shelby crime family. With a series of challenging questions, this quiz will put your knowledge of the show to the test. From the smoky streets of post-World War I Birmingham to the intricate web of family alliances and rivalries, Peaky Blinders has enthralled audiences with its gripping storytelling and complex characters. Do you remember the names of the Shelby siblings, the twists and turns of their illicit dealings, and the power struggles that define their empire? Whether you’re a cunning mastermind like Tommy Shelby or a loyal supporter like Arthur, this quiz will separate the true Peaky Blinders aficionados from the rest. So, grab your flat cap and get ready to prove your mettle in the world of razor-sharp wit and daring ambition.

Peaky Blinders Trivia Quiz

What does Shelby originally intend to steal in episode one?

What part of Birmingham do the Peaky Blinders call home?

Arthur accidentally kills a boy during ...

What's the name of the pub in Peaky Blinders?

Which singer provides the iconic 'Red Right Hand' track?


What part of London is Alfie Solomons' bakery in?

Which blues guitarist features prominently in the series one soundtrack?

Who killed Grace's father?

What was Grace wears when she's killed

In what year is series one set?

Where does Tatiana plan on fleeing to?

What do the Peaky Blinders receive in the mail?

What title is Tommy given from the Crown?

“Sex, freedom, ..., which one should I give up first?”

What's the name of Tommy's horse?


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