Mr. Spock Trivia Quiz (Star Trek)

Welcome to the Mr. Spock Trivia Quiz, where we’ll test your knowledge of the iconic Vulcan science officer from the Starship Enterprise, Mr. Spock. With 12 logical and challenging questions, this quiz will put your understanding of Spock’s character, his memorable quotes, and his logical reasoning to the test. Are you as cool and composed as Spock himself when it comes to answering questions about his life and adventures? Or will your human emotions and curiosity get the best of you? Whether you’re a die-hard Trekkie or just a casual fan, this quiz will engage your mind and transport you to the final frontier of Star Trek knowledge. Live long and prosper as you tackle the Mr. Spock Trivia Quiz and discover if you’re truly fit to serve in Starfleet! Fascinating, isn’t it? Let’s begin!

Mr. Spock Trivia Quiz (Star Trek)

Mr. Spock's blood color is?

in original "Star Trek" series What was Mr. Spock's job?

In one of the most popular and well-known "Star Trek" episodes, the Enterprise crew has to contend with small, hairy creatures that are particularly procreative. Spock calls her "very sensitive animals". What is the talk about?

No, that would be too unspectacular for "Star Trek". It's about Tribbles.

Mr. Spock is half ...... and half human ?

Mr. Spock said that his race never ..........?


In the unspeakable fifth "Star Trek" movie "On the Edge of the Universe", Kirk, Spock and McCoy are sitting around a campfire. What is sung?

The teasing between the brash ship's doctor Leonard "Pille" McCoy, played by DeForest Kelley, and Mr. Spock are legendary. How did the doctor curse his officer colleague?

Mr. Spock was "killed in Which Movie?

Captain Kirk gives a funeral speech to Spock. He says, "Of all the souls I have encountered on my travels, his was the ...

The last movie with the classic "Star Trek" crew is called "The Undiscovered Land", towards the end the crew will fly back to Earth with the Enterprise. Spock comments on the command: "If I were a human, my answer would most likely be ...

An expert question: In the first version of the pilot episode of "Star Trek" the Captain was not Kirk, but Pike. Leonard Nimoy was Spock but already aboard the Enterprise, but not as the first officer. This function was taken over by a woman who later took on various roles in various "Star Trek" series. What was her name?

What was thename of Spock's father?

To whom was Spock betrothed?

Which Mötley Crüe Song Are You?

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  1. whoever did this quiz, its not the star spangled banner, u guys need to rewatch the fifth film again

  2. Spock died, but he wasn’t killed. He died of radiation poisoning.

    The 5th movie is “Thr final Frontier” not “On the Edge of the Universe”

    The 6th movie id Undiscovered COUNTRY not Undiscovered Land

    It’s “Bones” McCoy, Not “Pille” and he called Spock ‘that green-blooded Vulcan, or hob-goblin’ – but not bastard.

  3. Whoever created this quiz has some of the details wrong. It’s Undiscovered Country, not Land. McCoy was called Bones not Pille.