Maria Sharapova Trivia Quiz – 1

Maria Sharapova Trivia Quiz – 1

What is the first Grand Slam title Maria Sharapova won?

in Which Academy did Maria started to train in his early years?

Maria Sharapova win her first Wimbledon Championship in Which Year?

who has coached tennis pro Maria Sharapova For most of her career?

Which record Maria broke June 21, 2005 at Wimbledon Centre Court?


What is Maria's Birth Date

When did Maria Sharapova begin to play tennis?

Maria Sharapova defeat Who to win 2004 Wimbledon singles title?

How tall is Maria Sharapova?

in 2005 Maria placed ........ of "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" by FHM Magazine

Maria Sharapova step up to professional in what year?


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