Linda Ronstadt Lyrics Quiz

Linda Ronstadt Lyrics Quiz

"It seems they've just got to Yakety yakety yak Though they know best not to The minute you turn your back"

"And if that don't get through I'm gonna build me a flower Sit down in the morning dew And kiss it every hour"

"Changing the things we do You've been lookin' for something strong When other things don't mean nothin'"

"Pick me up 'cause my feet are dragging Give me a lift and I'll hay your wagon"

"Ah but I'm gonna keep on scheming Till I make you, make you my own"


"Well my memory cannot speak And oh Lord I'm feeling weak"

"And I know there are so many others You do something strange to me baby"

"Tired of what you do to me Hear it raining in my heart Well I've been lonely before"

"When things got too tough And I've learned how to give now But what good"

"And you get where you can't agree Well you just as well forget your plan"

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