Jefferson Airplane Lyrics Quiz

Jefferson Airplane Lyrics Quiz

Jefferson Airplane Trivia Quiz

And the present leaves me with no point of view When I see you next time round look into my eyes

You can fool your friends about the way it ends But you can't fool yourself Take your head in hand and make your own demands

We all have a song, life is the dance And right or wrong we will all take the chance

We use to dance out to space without a care And our laughter come ringing and singing we rolled round the music,

Some men are absolutely rigid Some men are easy feeling but they're hard to find.

That engine just ain't strong enough to get you round the turn Lie on your back in the middle of a field, and watch your body burn.

He was born on the mountain's Eastern side Where the sun brings the morning to the sky

Mother died and my daddy got drunk Left me here to die or grow Grew up in a dusty shack

The Bible tells her stay as plain as you are But she wants all the pretty boys beside her

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