How Well Do You Remember BoJack Horseman Season 1? Trivia Quiz

How Well Do You Remember BoJack Horseman Season 1

Test your knowledge of BoJack Horseman Season 1 with this engaging trivia quiz. Challenge yourself and see how much you remember about the iconic animated series. Are you a true fan? Take the quiz now and find out!

  1. 1 What prompts BoJack to berate Pam and her friends at the bar?

    1. They insult him behind his back
    2. They refuse to buy him a drink
    3. They ignore him when he tries to talk to them
    4. They laugh and take pictures of him
    5. They spill a drink on him

    BoJack berates Pam and her friends at the bar after he overhears them laughing and taking pictures of him, feeling humiliated and angry.

  2. 2 How does BoJack react during his meeting with Neal on Mr. Peanutbutter's reality show?

    1. He remains calm and apologizes sincerely
    2. He becomes heated and starts arguing about politics and the military
    3. He refuses to speak to Neal
    4. He tries to avoid the confrontation
    5. He laughs off the situation and offers Neal muffins

    During the meeting, BoJack becomes heated and starts arguing about politics and the military, which adds fuel to the conflict instead of resolving it.

  3. 3 What prompts Diane to leave for Boston?

    1. Her father's illness
    2. Her brother's wedding
    3. Her father's passing
    4. Her mother's birthday
    5. Her family reunion

    Diane receives a call from her brother Tommy about their father's passing, prompting her to leave for Boston to pay her respects.

  4. 4 What package does Bob Maggot offer Diane for her father's funeral arrangements?

    1. The Standard Package
    2. The Deluxe Package
    3. The Premium Package
    4. The Piece of Shit Dad Package
    5. The Extravagant Package

    Bob Maggot offers Diane the "Piece of Shit Dad Package" for her father's funeral arrangements, which she agrees to.

  5. 5 What do BoJack and Mr. Peanutbutter use to distract the public while the "D" is being removed?

    1. Money raining down from a rooftop
    2. A street performance involving magic tricks
    3. Free food giveaways in downtown Los Angeles
    4. Hosting a celebrity charity event
    5. A spontaneous dance flash mob

    BoJack and Mr. Peanutbutter throw money down from a rooftop in downtown Los Angeles to distract the public while the "D" is being removed by helicopter.

  6. 6 How does Todd end up being saved from the gangs at the prison?

    1. BoJack intervenes and rescues Todd
    2. The prison guards arrive and break up the fight
    3. The helicopter crash causes chaos and distracts the gangs
    4. Todd's newfound gang connections protect him
    5. Todd manages to talk his way out of the situation

    Todd is saved from the gangs at the prison when the helicopter crash caused by Mr. Peanutbutter's fireworks creates chaos and distracts the gangs, leading to a jailbreak.

  7. 7 What does Mr. Peanutbutter do after getting his driver's license suspended?

    1. Hires Todd as a personal driver
    2. Takes up driving lessons
    3. Rides a bicycle to get around
    4. Hires a professional chauffeur
    5. Relies on public transportation

    After getting his driver's license suspended, Mr. Peanutbutter hires Todd as a personal driver, unaware of Todd's ulterior motives.

  8. 8 What role does BoJack reluctantly agree to play in the movie?

    1. The protagonist
    2. A supporting character
    3. Mr. Peanutbutter
    4. The antagonist
    5. A cameo appearance

    BoJack reluctantly agrees to play the role of Mr. Peanutbutter in the movie at Princess Carolyn's insistence to relaunch his career.

  9. 9 Where does BoJack find Diane to apologize to her?

    1. At a publishing house
    2. At a ghostwriters convention
    3. At a coffee shop
    4. At a movie premiere
    5. At a bookstore

    BoJack finds Diane at a small convention for ghostwriters where she is sitting on a panel to take questions from attendees.

  10. 10 What award does BoJack win for his memoir at the Golden Globes?

    1. Best Drama Actor
    2. Best Comedy or Musical Actor
    3. Best Director
    4. Best Screenplay
    5. Best Supporting Actor

    BoJack wins a Golden Globe for his memoir under the category of "Best Comedy or Musical," despite it being neither a film nor a show.

  11. 11 How does Diane respond to BoJack's question about being a good person?

    1. She reassures him and confirms his goodness
    2. She criticizes him for his past actions
    3. She ignores his question
    4. She laughs and changes the subject
    5. She expresses uncertainty and remains silent

    Diane expresses uncertainty and remains silent when BoJack asks her to confirm if he is still a good person deep down, suggesting complexity in her feelings and beliefs about him.

How Well Do You Remember BoJack Horseman Season 1? Trivia Quiz

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