How Well Do You Know Traveling Wilburys – Quiz – 12 Questions

Traveling Wilburys – Trivia Quiz – 12 Questions

Name the Song "Steaming down the highway With your trucks of toxic waste Where you gonna hide it In the outer space?"

Which band member wanted to change the group name to Trembling Wilburys?

What was the Travelling Wilburys second album called?

Who was "Muddy Wilbury"?

Which one was the first suggested band name for The Traveling Wilburys?


Who played lead guitar on the track 'She's My Baby' ?

When was Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 released?

in which song Roy Orbison's guitar rocking in a chair as the rest of the group play?

What was the name of the song that band recorded for Olivia Harrison's Romanian Angel Appeal charity project?

what kind of train engine is pulling the car in video "End Of The Line"?

Who was "Lucky Wilbury" in the Band?

Name the Song : I'll see you through the rain Through the heartache and pain It hurts like never before


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