How Well Do You Know Family Guy Season 1 – Quiz

How Well Do You Know Family Guy Season 1 - Quiz

Think you’re a Family Guy expert? Take our entertaining quiz to see how well you really know the iconic Season 1. Challenge your friends and prove your Family Guy fandom with this exciting quiz!

  1. 1 What was Stewie's original intention with the mind-control device?

    1. To control Lois
    2. To control Peter
    3. To control the judge
    4. To control Brian
    5. To control himself

    Stewie intended to use the mind-control device on Lois, but she takes it away from him because she doesn't allow "toys" at the table.

  2. 2 Why does Peter get fired from his job as a safety inspector?

    1. He falls asleep on the job
    2. He fails to find dangerous items
    3. He causes an accident
    4. He drinks alcohol at work
    5. He insults his boss

    Peter falls asleep at work due to a hangover, neglecting his duties as a safety inspector in a toy factory.

  3. 3 What action does Peter take to return the money to taxpayers?

    1. Donating it to charity
    2. Investing it in a business
    3. Throwing it from a blimp during the Super Bowl
    4. Returning it to the welfare office
    5. Burning it

    Peter decides to return the money to taxpayers by dumping it from a blimp during Super Bowl XXXIII.

  4. 4 How does Stewie attempt to eliminate broccoli worldwide?

    1. By planting a different crop
    2. By using a weather control device
    3. By starting a petition against broccoli
    4. By poisoning broccoli fields
    5. By negotiating with broccoli farmers

    Stewie modifies a See 'n Say into a weather control device to create a freezing rainstorm and wipe out broccoli crops worldwide.

  5. 5 What interrupts Stewie's plan to destroy broccoli crops?

    1. A malfunction in the weather control device
    2. A sudden change in weather
    3. A bolt of lightning
    4. Interference from the satellite dish
    5. Stewie's change of heart

    Stewie's plan is interrupted by a bolt of lightning, which destroys the weather control device, although the storm continues.

  6. 6 What causes Peter and Chris to lose their reservation at Cheesie Charlie's?

    1. Peter insults the manager
    2. They arrive late with the deposit check
    3. Chris misplaces the deposit check
    4. Peter forgets the reservation details
    5. They change their minds about the party venue

    Peter's attitude towards the manager causes him to give their reservation to someone else, leading to the loss of their spot at Cheesie Charlie's.

  7. 7 How does Peter ultimately try to salvage Stewie's birthday party?

    1. By organizing a circus in their backyard
    2. By taking Stewie to a theme park
    3. By hiring a magician for entertainment
    4. By hosting a barbecue with friends and family
    5. By planning a trip to a water park

    Peter reroutes a circus into the Griffins' backyard in a last-minute attempt to salvage Stewie's birthday party.

  8. 8 What motivates Stewie to build a time machine?

    1. His desire to travel to the future
    2. His wish to change the past
    3. His need to escape teething pain
    4. His curiosity about time travel
    5. His plan to fix his toys

    Stewie builds a time machine to move forward in time to a point where his teething pain has already stopped, seeking relief from his discomfort.

  9. 9 What does Peter do to cope with his house arrest?

    1. Builds a time machine
    2. Opens a bar in his basement
    3. Throws a party for his friends
    4. Goes on a vacation
    5. Starts a new hobby

    Peter decides to build a bar in his basement to entertain his friends and cope with his house arrest, which becomes a local hot spot.

  10. 10 Why does Peter need to find a new player for the company softball game?

    1. He injures Guillermo during practice
    2. Guillermo quits the team
    3. Mr. Weed fires Guillermo
    4. Guillermo moves away
    5. Guillermo joins a different team

    Peter injures Guillermo with a wild pitch during practice, necessitating the need to find a replacement player for the softball game.

  11. 11 What motivates Peter to enter Brian into the dog show?

    1. To win a cash prize for an air conditioner
    2. To showcase Brian's talents
    3. To bond with Brian
    4. To prove a point to the community
    5. To seek revenge against a neighbor

    Peter enters Brian into the dog show with the goal of winning the top prize of $500, which he plans to use to buy an air conditioner for the family due to the ongoing heatwave.

  12. 12 How does Peter ultimately save Brian from being euthanized?

    1. He pleads Brian's case in court and pays off the judges
    2. He escapes with Brian from the pound
    3. He convinces the town to protest against Brian's sentence
    4. He hires a lawyer to represent Brian
    5. He proves Brian's innocence through evidence

    Peter pleads Brian's case in court and pays everyone $20, leading to the charges against Brian being waived and the town showing him new respect.

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